Ad-rotator.js Demo

Native javascript Ad rotation made possible

This page displays 2 Ads on desktop & mobile. The Leaderboard Ad is not visible on a mobile. The sidebar Ad is sticky only on desktop. On mobile, a new Ad can be seen which is sticky. Click the button below for more detailed examples

Ad-rotator in Fallback Mode

In fallback mode, Ads will be shown only if the library detects an Adblocker. This is specially useful if you wish to display Ads from another provider like Google, Amazon, Carbon, etc. and want to use Ad-rotator.js only as a fallback solution.

If there is an active adblocker, you should see Ads displayed below by the library, otherwise you will see some text content.

*** Fallback Mode ***
No Adblocker detected.
Try turning on an Adblocker to see Ads injected by Ad-rotator.js